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Why choose us?

We are specialists at our craft. When you choose our team, you receive our personalized  service. We'll take the time to get to know you.  We care about the biggest day of your life and want it to turn out how you always envisioned. Your day is too important to leave it to just anyone. We will go the extra mile for you. We take tremendous pride in all of our work, and I believe the quality of our work speaks for itself. 
Gain piece of mind and security with years of experience and expertise.  Knowing that your wedding will be captured beautifully by professionals who adhere to the highest of quality standards. We are non-compromising,  and accept only the best. We’re innovators, not followers constantly trying to improve our craft. Our experienced team will be there to guide you. We’ll allow you to be in the moment and focus on whats important knowing that your Photos and Videos will turn out as breathtaking as you on your wedding day. 

How would you describe your style?

I would describe our photography as classic. We aim to capture and create timeless works that will stand the test of time.
I would best describe our video as an artistic cinematic-candid style that entangles your love story into a dramatic film that tingles the heart strings. Complete with tears and epic angles, each film is your own personal mini hollywood movie. We bring our experience from different fields of video production to our weddings, which bring unique perspective to our wedding films.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. In fact I encourage that we meet. We can only get to know one another so much through email. 
Its important that our style and personality matches your vision. 

How much coverage do I need?

Another great reason to have a consultation. No two weddings are alike and its important for us to understand exactly what you need and want to have captured. We’ve covered weddings ranging from six minutes to six days.  At our first consultation, we will build a tentative schedule with you to map out the timeline of your day. With our past experience, we can help guide you to schedule your day as seamless, stress free and enjoyable as possible. 

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes we do. We encourage every couple to have an engagement photoshoot before their wedding. While some are naturals in front of a camera, for some it is an uncomfortable or unnatural feeling. Its a great way to practice before the big day,  along with capturing some great photos of the two of you.    

Do I need a video?

Absolutely! Ask our past clients.  Video has a way of taking you back to each and every emotion. You can reminisce and relive your day in a matter of minutes. Couples will tell you it was the best decision they ever made and they continue to watch their video regularly. The day really does fly by. Having a video to relive is a priceless piece of your history.

Do I get a long video?

Every couple who chooses to book video receives our short 3-5 highlight, but not everyone orders a long video.  Our most popular of the longer videos is our 25-30 minute extended highlight videos. A short complete highlight movie of your day in cinematic style. Click here to view a few examples
We also offer full length 90-120 films for those who want to relive it all.

Can I hire you for just Photo and/or Video and have another vendor for the other?

Absolutely. We have no problem working with other companies. Most photographers & videographers are respectful of one another. We will do our best to coordinate with them to ensure we all get the best shots.
In the alternative, when you hire us for both photo & video, you will have a tightly knit team that has worked with each other for years. The benefits of having one photo/video team is that we are all on the exact same page.

How much is posed?

It truly depends on the couple. Some want to be posed while others don’t. We love shooting candidly. Even with poses, its often the moments in-between that last a lifetime. Some good advice is to be in the moment, enjoy your wedding day, and we’ll be there to capture it.

What if it rains?

Not everyone wants to get wet on their wedding day, and we understand if you don't, but if you're willing to, so are we. The amount of rain will determine how much moisture our gear can withstand. Clear umbrellas are a picturesque way to stay dry during your photo shoot.  Click to see Kaitlin & Kyle's rainy photo shoot , Otherwise we can plan ahead to have indoor or covered locations for your photo session. Engagement sessions will typically be rescheduled without penalty with advanced notice.

When do you start and finish shooting on my wedding day?

To capture a full or complete day,  we need about two hours before the bride has to leave for the ceremony, to capture getting ready, dress, details and more.  We wrap up about an hour into dancing, after your reception program has ended. If you’d like us there earlier in the morning or later into the evening, that's entirely up to you.

Do you allow split hours of coverage?

Time is run consecutively. Starting from the time we start shooting till the end of the day. Travel between locations is included in coverage time.  

Do you charge for travel?

Mileage & Parking costs are added to your final balance.
Out of town weddings have additional out of town fees.

Do you travel out of town for weddings?

Yes absolutely. We love to shoot out of town weddings. We've been all over to capture couple tie the knot at their favorite parts of the globe. There are additional out of town fees depending on the destination. Travel and accommodation fees are additional to your package. 
Here's a few destinations we've been to:
San Diego
New York

How many people from your team will be at my wedding?

That depends on your package and the details of your day.
Photography, 2-3 team member. Video, 2-3 team members. Photo & Video, 4-5 team members. Photo & Video with SDE, 5-7 team members. Photo, Video with SDE & Photo Booth, 6-8 team member.

Do we need to feed the team?

Yes, dinner is required. 

How will I receive my Photos & Videos:

In this age of digital media, our delivery is likewise. Photos & Videos will be sent to you online via a link and usb flash drive.

When do I get my Photos & Videos after the wedding?

You receive a preview of your wedding photos (sneak peek) within the first week, and your 3-5 minute highlight video within six weeks.  The final photos and videos take approximately 3-4 months to complete.  

How many photos do I get:

Depending on your day, the events and how long we are shooting for, anywhere from 400-1000+.  Each package has a guaranteed number of photos .

Do I get to choose the photos:

The best photos or all the photos we believe you’d want to see are delivered.  

Do we get to choose the songs for our video?

Absolutely. If you have songs in mind, perfect! Otherwise we can work together. 

What happens if I lose my finished Photos & Videos or USB?

Not to worry, we keep multiple back-ups of your edited photos & videos. We also keep your raw unedited footage for one year after delivery in case you decide you want more videos or photos. 

Do I get the raw video footage?

We don’t think you’d enjoy watching the raw footage as its shot on multiple angles and in pieces throughout your day. Our job as editor is to put it all together into a seamless video. Nevertheless, many couples want it for safe keeping or to experience every possible moment captured. It can be purchase, which includes a 1TB Hard drive.  

Have you ever lost or damaged Photos or Videos?

No. We do everything possible to avoid this.  Our files are backed up to minimum two hard drives at all times. 

How much is the reservation fee / deposit?

Your reservation fee is 25% of your total package price which reserves your date.

When is the next payment due?

The remaining 75% is due 30 days before the date of your event. Any additional expenses or additions to your package are due before delivery of your photos & videos.

How much is my total investment?

See our packages page
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